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We are introducing a new VIN# lock policy at this time!

Up to date, all our products could be used on as many trucks as wanted but only one at a time.

In other words, to use the Smarty Touch on the next truck, the first truck had to be returned to stock software then the Smarty would unlock from the VIN# and be used on the next truck.

The new VIN# lock will work different for the Smarty Touch.

The main difference between the new “Four VIN#” Strategy versus the previous one is that the Smarty Touch can no longer be unlocked from a VIN# / ECM once it is locked to it. The truck can be returned to the stock software but the Smarty Touch will NOT unlock from that VIN# and ECM anymore. It is, of course, possible to program an ECM the Smarty Touch is VIN# locked to as many times as wanted.

With this new VIN# policy, it is now possible to tune up to four different trucks at the same time with a single Smarty Touch. The Smarty Touch will come with the first VIN# license unlocked. The remaining three VIN# licenses can be unlocked purchasing unlock codes. The production of the Smarty Touch with the ability to tune four different trucks will begin the third week of March 2016.From that moment, all new Smarty Touch’s will exclusively come with the new VIN# lock policy.

What does this mean for Smarty Touch’s already in the field?

Our customers who already own a Smarty Touch have two possible alternatives:

1) Update the firmware with the “Four VIN#” one (1.1.2 or newer). This will enable the ability to communicate with the UDC Pro RT software and since the first VIN# is unlocked they will be able to use their tuner without any further charge on their truck. Should the customer desire to tune another truck, he will need to purchase a VIN# license.

2) For those not interested in custom tuning and wanting to stay with our previous VIN license policy, update the firmware to the new Version 1.1.1 which fixes a few bugs and has new tuning. We will continue to update and support also the firmware’s with the previous VIN# policy for the future tuning software updates.


Once the “Four VIN#” firmware Version 1.1.2 or newer is installed it is NOT possible to return to the previous VIN policy!

This change in the VIN# policy allows custom tuning for all Smarty Touch’s already in the field without any additional costs other than purchasing a Software License Key or paying a professional tuner for his services.

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