The TNT-R Software you are about to access is DANGEROUS to the stock engine and drivetrain!

The TNT-R software has been written for trucks with extensive modifications!

The horsepower levels start around 130 Hp on CaTCHER # 1 and reach 260 additional Hp on CaTCHER # 9.These HP gains are referred to a “close to stock” engine but depending on your modifications can be more. With correctly modified and tuned engines we have seen gains in the 400+ Hp rangeabove the stock software. On the higher settings a stock engine can NOT take full advantage of it because the fuel and air supply from the stock parts are simply not enough.
Aftermaket, turbo, injectors, lift pump, injection pump, automatic transmission AT LEAST are required!
Also a good insurance against valve float at high boost levels is a good set of stiffer valve springs. If you need valve springs or not, depends upon several factors like max boost pressure reached, rev range and of course the mileage of the stock springs.

Please, read RevoTNT_SW_Instructions.pdf for more details.

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